The project is an extension of a 17th century farmhouse and wine cellar, which creates a centre devoted to wine culture. A new star shaped piece is placed in the courtyard connecting both the old buildings and the new ones. The large scale of the ancient courtyard is fragmented into smaller open areas linked to the new spaces. In this way the complex acquires a new relationship with the surroundings and the new constructions do not interfere with the old buildings. The courtyard, centre of the activity of the old farmhouse, is transformed by the star shaped construction but maintains its use as it links the new functions around it. The whole area is organized in four parts with different heights articulated in the centre by a small patio with a fountain. The peaks of the star volume open towards the landscape giving entrance to the new complex that becomes the centre of the activity of the winery linking both built and open spaces.

source: Paredes Pedrosa